Forever in my loving memories my sweet friend Rachel Jones // Hippie in Heels

The moment I saw our very own angel Rachel Jones floating through the doors of my home in Goa at sunset I knew we would be friends. It was when I had designed my very first collection and she found me through social media and was dying to shop. My first customer and my friend forever.
To launch the beginning of our blog section I would like to thank the ever inspiring Rachel for showing me how to be driven in this world of media. The author of the very famous she inspired so many women to solo travel and was one of the first to focus on my home India. 

An intrinsic love of travel and fashion is threaded through our story. Our hearts are drawn to unique destinations and experiences, looking for a deeper understanding of the world we live in and the people we walk beside. Our friendship grew through our journeys to Morocco, Bali and Rajasthan. Getting lost in the streets of a new city. Drawing inspiration from the natural world around. The way we dress is an expression of this – an effortless ease, reflected in the fabrics, the textures, the colours and how the clothes make us feel. 
Our favourite thing to do whilst travelling was try all the food from every corner and shop all the markets. My favourite travel partner and forever muse.
Forever in my loving memories, you are sorely missed my dear friend. A beautifully inspiring quote from an interview with Rachel.
A message for all of us to persevere  our dreams :
“You think, how is any of this going to work out, but eventually it just will, somehow it will work out if you just push yourselves towards what you wanna do, you will find ways for it to work out.It will happen, I can’t explain it but I just feel like when you push yourselves towards what you are actually passionate about or what your dream is, you can’t think about all these little things that are scaring you along the way. You just have to go for it and figure them out as you go.”
Rachel Jones, Hippie In Heels 
9th June 1989 – 4th May 2019
Here I share pictures of some of our journeys together, one of the biggest supporters of my work and always there to play dress up and let me take photos even though she was shy. Thank you dear Rachel for your part in my journey. I wish there was more time, I will miss you always but i'm grateful for all the amazing memories. I love you dear friend. 
Her last trip to Goa we planned a shoot and a blogpost about our friendship. We didn't get time to do it but here I want to share the photos. Rachel always looked so beautiful. 












Shoot, clothing and accessories – Tia Mac ( Studio Tia)

Muse @hippieinheels (Rachel Jones) 

Photography and Shoot Production @studiotia (Tia Mac)