In this series, I wanted to collaborate with women around the world who inspire me in all ways. Inspire me in my work and in my life and personal growth. The power of social media allows us to connect with so many people who are trying to speak their truth and open up about many things. Here I share some of our amazing collaborations and get to know these women more closely.

PHEONIX WILD : an interview with this gorgeous, authentic human who looks amazing in our clothes. She is definitely my new Mama Muse, my baby boy is now 8 months old and everyday is a lesson, a learning and filled with so much joy and love.

Hey Pheonix, could you give us a quick introduction of yourself? 
Sure! So I go by Pheonix Wild in the digital world but my birth name is Jordan. I consider myself a writer of sorts, as I have observed myself weaving in and out of poetry and short story inspirations in my life thus far. I am a mother of two and currently spending my days with my twin flame, Antoine with our littles on the island of Hawaii!

What is your passion and how does that passion transform your life? 
My passion is authenticity. I think this is what drives my motherhood and my flowering femininity. I don't understand a life of illusion and denial. I pursue to say yes to the things I need a yes for and a maybe for thing things I don't know about. Life is beautiful and best lived in true honesty.

What inspires you? 
Laughter and Tears.
What about the TIA brand do you like the most?
I LOVE the connection I feel to Earth when I wear the garments and browse through the beautiful imagery. The women photographed are always so raw and unaltered and it makes me feel understood to wear clothing like this.

What's the best thing about being a mother? 
Receiving forgiveness and compassion from my children. 

What do you teach your children about caring for the earth? 
I teach them by showing. We hardly wear shoes and so we are constantly speaking to our Mother. We harvest many of our vegetables and herbs from our home garden that we tend together and we eat a mostly plant based diet and live on Kauai, the garden island, where they see first hand where their food comes from. I hope I am teaching them to guard and love their Earth for she is our mother first and we are the seeds who should always be filled with love and gratefulness. 

Motherhood Undefined by Pheonix Wild
There was a point in my motherhood journey where I felt judged to the extent that I could not hear my own voice. I felt that my mothering was out of my hands and felt pressured to the harsher ways of my mother and mothers before her. This moment was at my first birth. and. My undefined moment came when I dissolved those judgements in a sea of bliss and pushed my son into this world. I do not mean to say that this was the only time I have felt judged as a mother. The daily act of eating serves as a basis for alot of judgement for me. Vegan or PlantBased? How often to eat? What should I be drinking as a breastfeeding mom? What can I not drink as a breastfeeding mom? Do I wait until my family/children eat to even consider my own human needs? or. Do I carry on with my morning until my lips start to crack or I start to feel dizzy around noon? When to nourish myself? When will I stop judging my own needs. You know those mamas. The ones who grow into the woman who takes care of everyone. Always thinking of others. & Always. always nurturing. I think. Sometimes we receive the judgements from outsiders with a grain of salt, which allows us to come out of it easier. but. most of us are too hard on ourselves. The judgements we place on ourselves pull us down the most. I find that the most judged moments of my motherhood have come from my own subconsious games. Am I am good enough. Did I yell too much today. Are my children happy. Do I buy them too many things. Do I take it all away. 
Undefined motherhood is taking a big ugly bite out of the trusting YOUR intuition and enjoying it. Enjoying the ride, enjoying the freaking pancakes. (pictured here)

Enjoy mama. You were chosen for this mission for a reason. You can never let yourself down. 
Photography 🌻 @earthtoyoni