We recently connected with another beautiful soul on Instagram, what a great platform to learn about people. Iselin is women's health counsellor and mentor and we interviewed her to learn a little more about the things that are important to her.

Can you tell us a little about who you are?

Hi there, my name is Iselin Amanda. My heritage is Norwegian, and I am originally from a small Island at the south of Norway. I currently live in the hinterlands of Byron Bay in Australia with my husband.

I work as a women’s health counsellor and mentor, specialising in fertility awareness, the menstrual cycle (including managing PMS and PMDD), and women suffering from disordered eating. Through my work I get to support women on their journey’s of greater health, embodiment, fulfilment and ease in life.

I am devoted to my passion for women’s health, and in assisting women in understanding their bodies innate wisdom and re-discovering their natural state of well-being.

I work intimately with the Medicine of Cacao, through prayer, ritual and ceremony. At the moment I am writing a recipe book dedicated to raw chocolate and cacao recipes.

You can find out more about me and my work at

How would you describe your personal style and does it reflect who you are?

I like what I war to be both elegant and comfortable. I dress mostly in earthy colours, natural fabrics and clothes that are either second-hand, or made as sustainably and ethically as I can find. I love expressing myself through clothing and style, though most of the time I am dressed in very simple “every-day” clothing suitable for our life in the rainforest.

What is the most beloved piece in your wardrobe?

At the moment the Paloma Dress from Studio Tia is my absolute favourite dress. It’s elegant, comfortable and simple.

What do you love about our brand and what are your favourite pieces?

I truly appreciate Studio Tia for your commitment to offering clothing that is made sustainably, and with attention to an ethical production. This is by far the most important factor for me when I purchase new clothes.
My current favourite pieces from you are the Paloma Dress in black, and the new Myla vest in both colours. I also adore the Alba Poncho.

As someone who works closely in supporting women, how do you think brands need to support women further?
I would love to see more brands supporting female workers though fair wages, and good work hours and working conditions.

I also long to see brands and businesses supporting their female workers throughout pregnancy, in the postpartum window and the first year of having a child, as well as during their monthly bleed. page1image994176

In an ideal world I believe women should be able to have at least the first few days of their periods off work (or reduced working hours), to rest, replenish and nurture themselves. I see this as an investment in the health and wellbeing of employees, and I also firmly believe it would result in a healthier and more effective work environment in the long run.

What do you think makes a truly sustainable brand?

I am far from an expert in this field, but I believe sustainability comes down to reducing our imprint on our planet. For a brand to be sustainable the production must be “clean” and green all the way from crop to clothing. Areas to consider include: what fabrics are used, and how are these produced? How are the items transported? Will the item last for years to come? Is it durable? Can the item be recycled and/or will it break down easily in compost? How is the product packaged? And many other areas I’m sure..

I also feel that sustainability is about health of the workers and all the people involved in the production: ensuring good working conditions, fair wages, reasonable working hours, and proper health care.

What’s the smallest change a consumer could make to be more eco-conscious?

The smallest, most impactful change we can make as consumers I believe is to consume less.
To use what we already have, as well as lending from each other: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.
I believe in buying clothes (and mostly anything) second hand, as well as supporting small businesses that are devoted to a sustainable and ethical production. Nothing matters more to me than the health and future of our beautiful Mother Earth.

Beautiful photos by Louisa Seton @louisasetonphotography