Kōrā Collection

 A Tale of Nature 

Designed with love, Kōrā is a tribute to the natural world;  a celebration of returning back to our purest of states. Richly textured, undyed, unbleached fresh fibers. Rendered in endlessly wearable silhouettes and nature inspired palettes that shine light upon the beauty of minimalism. This collection reminds us that nature is not simply a part of the world we live in, but is a reflection of who we are. It is the air we breathe, and the land we are honored to experience.

These garments embody the places and memories in which we feel our most authentic selves; A testament to our land and the people within it. 

 Our Fibers 

The Kōrā collection has been thoughtfully curated with 100% organic cotton. Creating a collection of undyed and unbleached cotton for us means - reintroducing the art of tenderness & truth within nature. 

In line with our mission to offer women comfortable, functional pieces that celebrate versatility; we hope to provide maximum timeless ease. And as a result - making life flow smoothly not only for ourselves but for the planet.

Within this collection we have; a classic triangle bikini top, an essential bell sleeve crop top, every day trousers, an adaptable kimono jacket, a jumpsuit, a romper, and pair of shorts that fit delightfully. This range is easy to wear and care for, they are designed to be worn day or night, for work or play.

Fibers to treasure. Feminine and ethereal in all the best ways possible. Texture, and fluidity to cherish...

1. The Crinkled Bikini Top

A classic - must have for every closet. Simplistic and graceful, this bikini top delightfully dependable as is allows you to adjust coverage and support through its design. Pair it with the Crinkled Kimono and Crinkled Shorts for a beautiful beach look!

There is so much one can do with a triangle top - tie it as you desire, wear it on the beach or even use it as a bralette under sheer clothing! 

2. The Caro Tie Back Top 

The Caro Tie Back Top will be your new favorite! A cropped garment that ties at the back; Giving you delightful comfort, and shape all at once! We absolutely love the bell sleeves of this piece. This garment gently invites in a playful and elegant feel.

The elasticated arm seams allow this tops to fit perfectly and the tie back makes it adjustable to carrying statures. This top can take you to your local market or to your next event. A top to depend on when you're unsure what to wear! Easy to wear on repeat and effortless when transforming from day to night.

3. Crinkled Flared Trousers

We believe in the importance of investing in a good pair of pants; not only should you welcome in comfort but also a piece that is easy to pair with and elevated enough to dress up when desired - say hello to the Crinkled Flared Trousers! 

Created for the wanderer on the move. You will appreciate these for years to come! We love the flared hemline; matching in perfect harmony with the Caro Tie Back Top. These crinkled trousers have an elasticated waist detail allowing them to fit effortlessly. We adore wearing this piece for our everyday activities whether this be for a day at the beach or lunch out with friends! 

Pair it with the Caro Tie Back Top,  Crinkled Bikini  or The Kimia Top for a breezy fresh look! 

4. Crinkled Shorts

A basic made better. The Crinkled Shorts are one of our summer essentials. They fit and feel like a dream. Designed to be worn with all of our tops!

Personally we love pairing them with the Caro Tie Back Top, for an all white look! Curated to be worn high waisted, these shorts will elevate any casual outfit! Perfect for both lounging and going out. Pair them with slippers for a stroll around town or heels for an elegant simplistic brunch outfit. 

5. The Crinkled Kimono Jacket 

A modern free flowing piece! Everything about this garment embodies versatility, there are so many ways in which you can wear her! Whether style closed as a mini dress or open as a jacket, the Crinkled Kimono is the perfect cover up. With its flared sleeves, this piece is everything and more. Wear the belt sashed or untied; easily layered over another top, dress or swimsuit. Light yet empowering, for warm days and evenings. 

We personally recommend pairing it with the Natural Crinkled Shorts or Crinkled Flared Trousers over the Crinkled Bikini top for the full look!

6. Ray Romper

Adventure is the first word that pops up when talking about the Ray Romper. Breathable and adjustable this garment is effortless in all its ways. The halter neck and tie back cinches and closes the garment to fit your body and the length of the shorts give this piece a sensual yet playful feel! So easy to throw on and move along your day.

We love wearing this piece casually or even dressed up, the choice is yours! Pair this with your favorite pair of boots or slip on a cute jacket. A memorable garment indeed...

7. Ray Halter Dress 

Radiant and ethereal, this dress embodies divine feminine power and beauty. Sensual and timeless this garment is a head turner that you will cherish. The Ray dress offers an ultra-flattering and feminine fit. With a unique tie back detail this halter-neck dress has a beautiful silhouette with a supportive bust halter-neck fitting.

We recommend wearing this garment for day events or elegant dinners out with loved ones! Wherever your summertime adventures take you, this garment will certainly leave a lasting impression!