The Holidays & Conscious Consumerism

Conscious consumerism is the practice of buying with intention. It is a mindful approach in our daily choices for the things we need or desire. 

The Holidays are coming, bringing upon the excitement of community driven festivities, warm cups of tea and delicious food! With that being said, the presence of excessive consumerism is ever more present. TIA is here to remind you of the possibility of having a loving cozy holiday season all whilst continuing to practice conscious consumerism! 

The unspoken truth of the holidays direct us towards shining light upon issues such as: Spikes in consumption, The strengthening of unethical business practices, and the increase of waste found in our landfills. 

Here at Studio Tia, we want to motivate you to keep your values in mind, and make it as accessible as possible. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to spread awareness, advocate for conscious consumerism and spread the joy and fulfillment that, fresh, organic, artisanal, and ethical products embrace through the spirit and festivities of gifting. 

Fashion is the second largest polluter of our fresh water supply and is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. Therefore, Let's move forward this holiday season and shop from ethical fashion brands and retailers. Keep an eye out for fibers, which do less harm to the environment & companies that prioritize longevity and quality over profit! 

Remaining conscious will make the seasons ahead all more merrier…


 Here are some Tips 

Support Small Businesses

Supporting small businesses and consuming with intention is a leap forward as we collectively continue to prioritize our external impacts. It’s so rewarding to consciously search for a garment / business that aligns with one's beliefs both philosophically and ethically... over something that’s from a big box store. The moment we pause to think about what we buy and where we buy it from, we become conscious consumers.

Do you really need it - The Minimalist Mindset

Yes, finding a store that has a green standpoint and advocacy is GREAT! But that doesn't necessarily diminish the issue of over consumption. Keep in mind that conscious consumerism isn’t just about being a little greener, but questioning how — and how much — we consume to begin with. Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary buys.

What to Invest In

Invest in garments instead of treating clothes as a cost...

1. Buy quality

Invest in business owners and garment workers that collaborate to make items that are made to last a long time; cherish your pieces for years ahead! 

2. Timeless Garments

3. Adaptability

The perfect holiday choices are those dresses you know you can dress up or dress down. They’re comforting and easy to rely on! Whether you choose to pair them with your favourite heels for dinner, or if they're worn relaxed with your most loved flats. We adore the Aurora Dress and Alliya Slit Wrap Dress for this very reason! 

4. The Basics & Versatility

Look for some staple pieces that set your mind at ease. You won't regret adding a couple of basics into the mix to ensure you're covered for every eventuality. For Tops we recommend the Thane shrug (our go-to ) or try out Ray for a minimal yet eye catching feel. 

And not to forget...Our Best Selling and most loved piece; The Suspender Jumpsuit will probably be one of the most comfortable pants you'll ever wear! So easy to wear on repeat. 

Look into Capsule collections! Not only will you find yourself decluttering your wardrobe but putting together your outfits will drastically simplify. This concept encourages quality items to work together in multiple ways, creating many different looks with basic essentials. 

Check out our New Winter Capsule Collection to view our winter essentials! The Kimono Trench Coats are an all round provider!

5. Transformable pieces

Invest in garments that are adjustable to your liking or pieces that can be styled in a variety of ways! This way you can find some enjoyment in putting your outfits together, ignite some creativity and truly appreciate the longevity and adaptability of your purchase. 

We highly recommend looking into the Kimia Top, It can be knotted, bowed or worn crossed and around the neck - the options are endless and they’re yours! Also check out the Ekto Kaftan, and the Slit Cape!

Conscious consumerism is important for sustainability. As customers, you hold the power to create change for a better future, all through your shopping habits. Every time you consume, you have the choice to support sustainable development and fair wages within communities through how you choose to spend and invest your money. 

Happy holidays! To Summaries here are some questions to ask: 

  • What materials is the product made out of?
  • Is this brand transparent?
  • Do my beliefs align with their philosophy & action?
  • Will I use this product often? 
  • Does this garment bring me Joy? 
  • Longevity? Adaptability? Quality?