Holiday Edit - Vol 1 - It's Better in Goa




Freedom, festivity, and the land of coconuts - it has to be Goa. With travel on pause, we're looking back at photo albums of our most loved places and dreaming of being there... Endless sun-scorched days, glowing skin, light cottons, airy dresses, forgetting the time and eating the freshest sea-food. A place to fall in love with time and time again. Goa is the kind of place that you’ve either never heard of or you go every year for more than a holiday. Most travellers that pass through Goa tend to return as it so gracefully provides that feeling of home.

 The Arabian Sea, the coconut trees, the luxe beach resorts, the architecture, all collectively embody and exhale Goa’s tranquility. Goa has been the base for designer TIA since she was 4 years old and the place Studio Tia was starting and is still running from. She built her label and started a family - it's her inspiration, her heart. There's no where else that has that same feeling.

Here is the land of coconuts, by us, for you...

With Love, Studio Tia x



‘We love the beach. We love to explore on our scooters, find the perfect sun spot, play music, swim and sunbathe. So for us the season is the best time of year - From November - March is the best climate – we have a boutique on Ashwem Beach called Alchemy Goa and spend alot of time between there and our favourite beach hang out Change your Mind and La Plage – ideal to relax and unwind after a busy time helping customers find the perfect outfits. We live in the North but also love the South of Goa - it's calm, quiet and has absolutely stunning beaches and coves you can take a fishing boat to.'


'Monsoons have their beauty but the constant rain is not our favourite especially when we should be living an all year Summer. The monsoon consist of lots of creative time and down time - enjoying the sound of the rain and the  most fluorescent green rice paddy fields and landscapes.'


We had summer dreams to travel through Europe this year but we got a bit stuck due to the current pandemic. It's been relaxing and calm, practicing being slow and in the moment. Enjoying all the things we take for granted and having spurts of creativity. We're lucky that we have many friends still here because usually the monsoons make everyone leave back to Europe or on their holidays and it becomes a ghost town.  

Goa is our creative hub - we are so inspired by the nature and really absorb as much nature as we can which inspires our collections. It's also full of the most amazing location where many of shoots take place. We are truly inspired by so many different countries and cultures through travel and we have been so lucky to visit some of the most amazing places in this world but no matter where we go Goa is the place we can call home - its our heart and our soul.


Presenting our Summer Capsule Collection inspired by the beautiful Boutique Heritage Resort - The Nilaya - this has always been a great inspiration, the architecture and the feeling here made us design a summer capsule collection for all your resort vacations. Styles that are perfect for that dream resort summer holiday. Light, flirty pieces made form organic crinkled cotton and silks that can be worn by the pool or for dinner and cocktails.

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