About US

TIA creates clothes and accessories to treasure and wear with the aim to be ethical and sustainable. Our designs are the perfect marriage between fashion and comfort. Our inspiration comes from the beauitful natural fabrics found in India - handwoven cottons, linens, silks and beautiful weaving techniques. Great for the beach, the bar or the city our designs are simple, minimalist yet statement pieces that fit in every wardrobe. 

The story began when Tia started to travel India sourcing the beautiful textiles and fabrics, she was inspired by all natural processes like hand weaving and use of organic fabrics. 

Our company creates sustainable handmade clothing, using eco friendly and low impact materials. We source locally whenever possible because we believe in the transparency of our process. Not only do we feel strongly about using sustainable, biodegradable, or organically grown fibers, we feel it is just as important to know who made your clothes and to support local artisans.