Our cotton is grown in Madhya Pradesh which accounts for 43 per cent of the Indias organic cotton production. It is then sent to nearby cities to be dyed with chemical free dyes or hand block printed. We will soon look into switching to natural dyes. All our clothes are stitched by local families in Goa, India where they work from the comfort of their home and earn higher then standard wages. 

We believe that if we all work just a little bit on doing our part to avoid excessive waste and destruction that maybe this beautiful planet will last a little longer for future generations to enjoy. We are working on a zero waste project with a group of women in Goa, Project Tres that empower women in India and Kenya. Help to grow and sustain the project with us by visiting their page  Project Tres


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Kōrā Collection

Kōrā Collection

 A Tale of Nature  Designed with love, Kōrā is a tribute to the natural world;  a celebration of returning back to our purest of states. Richly tex...

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