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Our paths serendipitously crossed again in Ibiza, where our sons, mirroring their mothers' free-spirited nature, struck up an instant friendship. This rendezvous sparked conversations about collaboration, and last summer, amidst the ethereal setting of Ibiza, our shared dream materialised in the form of the eclipsed dreams campaign. Today, Sylvie's creations are elegantly featured on our website.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by Sylvie, employing the ancient lost wax casting technique, using recycled silver and locally sourced gold from the enchanting Ibiza. Open to bespoke requests you can contact Sylvie directly for customisations. Contact her here,

Her artistic philosophy extends to a commitment to slow production, championing local artisans and small businesses for casting and gold-plating services. Sylvie, a cherished friend, a skilled artisan, and a mother to a captivating free spirit who crafts jewellery, brings forth a fusion of artistry and consciousness in her creations.