Project Três 

Studio Tia strongly believes in ethical and supportive practices to uplift women. Because we are based here in Goa, India we are aware of the low living standards many people suffer from, and without family or welfare support and lack of education, it is extremely difficult for women in particular to seek guidance. Project Três is an organisation that amplifies the skill set of women that are or have experienced hardships such as domestic violence, divorce and financial difficulties. By enhancing their professional craftmanship, the project creates life changing opportunities such as educating their children, and raising their living standard and encouraging them to create their own business ventures.

Tia met Carla, the inspiring founder of Project Três in 2017 and they immediately started working together, their mindsets harmonized with ethical production and eco- conscious principles at the forefront. Carla had begun working with Farida and Rupa, they were the sole earners of their households with limited education, and financial trouble. Carla had a vision to improve the lives of these women by introducing basic skills, she began by teaching them to make jewelry from waste materials and with that, the organisation formed.

Tia began by teaching the ladies crochet, after she witnessed this craft being used widely in Bali and saw it as an inexpensive skill to learn that the Project Três women could do at home and in their own time. She constructed some pieces with the women so that they could produce an array of products to sell. They now make placemats made from recycled saris and mini bucket bags amongst other interesting products. Since 2019, Tia has donated remnant and unused fabrics for the Ladies, to create items such as hair scrunchies, scarves and stuffed animals. We are currently working with the ladies to produce a crochet bag with our offcuts of this year’s collections.

Carla and this group of inspiring and bubbly women have created a safe space and community area that is used as a meet place for the group to gain skills, use as shelter if required, hold meetings and it is predominantly used for the ladies to support and heal with the confidence and care of each other.

We are so grateful to have been working with Project Três here in Goa over the years and feel hugely connected to these women and their journey. Above all, we are so happy to see how they have grown as independent and inspiring figures in the community. We can’t stress enough, how Project Três is changing the lives of these women, here in Goa and in Kenya, if you would like to donate and support the cause, or even have an artisanal skill that you would like to teach, we sincerely recommend you get in touch with the Project Três team, every ounce of support counts.