It is advisable to hand-wash your cotton garments for longevity. Always use cold water to wash loomed & hand weaves. After washing the fabrics softens. Never use bleach and always stick to natural fabric soaps. Hang to drip dry your loomed garments in well ventilated evening settings or shade since direct sunlight causes colour fading and damage to fibers. Lightly iron your cottons when still damp if needed. Spray water to dampen the fabric if completely dry. Do not tumble dry. 


Our signature Cotton Gauze Slub is a lightweight cotton fabric that has a unique and subtle texture ingrained into the weave. It drapes beautifully and breezy, perfect for vacation wear on scorching summer days. Slub is where a proportion of the cotton fibres are twisted with more delicate yarns to create a slightly uneven texture. This cotton crinkles faintly with the irregularity of the twisting weave formation and we can't get enough of it. 


It is advisable to machine wash cold these item made from. ECOVERO™ eco-responsible Viscose fabric. After washing the fabrics softens. This will make it last a lot longer. Always use cold water to wash loomed & handwoven fabrics. Never use bleach and always stick to natural fabric soap. Do not tumble dry.


We are excited to introduce our new Lyocell fabric, a cellulosic fibre formed from wood pulp. It is also completely biodegradable and compostable, serving a circular afterlife for the planet. Its breathability and ability to wick moisture means it is perfect for hot and humid weather and therefore will require less washing and water consumption. Our lyocell has the most silky and lustrous feel; satin-like and gentle to touch. This fabric drapes beautifully and is opaque, our new spring pieces will take you from day to night as this fabric is an all round sensation.

We use AZO free dyes so there will be some discolouring after a few washes.

Read our blog for more info on Sustainable Garment Care  

Please keep in mind; our garments don’t have inner lining hence lighter colour cottons have a chance of being sheer.