Hello, everyone! I'm Tia, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to those who may not have met me yet. It's been quite the journey since I started this brand over 8 years ago, filled with learning and exploration every step of the way. As a small business, it's just me at the helm, handling everything from design to management. Alongside me are Mae and Mehak, who lend their talents to social media and customer relations.

This year marks an exciting new chapter for us as we delve into collaborations with various artisans. We're committed to exploring and encorporating the use of natural, plant-based dyes into all our new designs, alongside exploring the use of regenerative cotton. If you're passionate about sustainable fashion and interested in collaborating with us, please don't hesitate to reach out. Let's create something beautiful together! 🌿 feel free to contact me at studiotia@outlook.com or on instagram @studiotia
p.s - I’m wearing Tai Top & Chiara Trouser in undyed kora - Coming this summer x

Studio Tia is a womenswear brand curated for the free spirited, igniting balance for the earth and for the people.

Studio Tia was Launched in 2018 by Tia Mac and has been built from the grassroots up; a journey that started with falling in love with textiles in the vibrant and chaotic landscapes of India to a globally recognised brand. Tia’s mixed British, Indian and Austrian heritage has helped her to create and diversify the brand. Many elements of her cultural background and experience of living in India are seen in the ethos, where positive social and environmental impact is at the forefront. Her vision to engage with the fabrics and artisans that curate the collections are to serve more than just an aesthetic purpose but to tell a story that connects East and West to live timelessly in one’s wardrobe.

We are dedicated in creating minimalist, yet statement pieces to treasure over the years. We uphold positive methods of production and support a fully-fledged female team, empowering people locally through education and training. We are constantly analysing our impact and learning with the ever-evolving ways to protect our planet and its people. We continue to study and explore alternatives as we grow as a brand and strive to lessen our footprint. All of our fabrics are sourced and produced in India and we produce all of our designs in different parts of India. 

Tia’s journey began when she finished her degree in Design in London, 2012. She ventured to India, where she had spent much of her childhood, and scoured the country absorbing the highly skilled craftsmanship, innate textiles and the wonderfully creative and humble artisans. From travelling to Hyderabad to find khadi cotton, to Jaipur where she created her own block prints. These experiences have further opened our eyes to the beauty of trusting the process that comes with trial & error experimentation. It became clear that India embodied spiritual and earth gratifying soul not to mention a pioneer of historical and modern textile richness that aligned with the basis of her vision.

Captivated by the findings of her exploration, she settled in Goa. She was truly inspired by her tropical surroundings and began to create pieces for her friends. She formed a loyal clientele and sold pieces within local weekly markets. A few years later, TIA launched on Etsy and saw an online presence form. With that, in 2018 saw the launch of the website STUDIO TIA that has been successfully operating with a growing global reach. Tia has two little boys under the age of 4 and is the epitome of a super-woman mum, devoted to her work and her family.