Our Packaging - Green Materials


When it comes to sustainability and upholding our ethical standpoint; we believe that every little element can make a difference. 

With a commitment to reducing waste and plastic use, we at Studio Tia strive to incorporate eco-friendly, earth loving alternatives. We believe in the necessity of taking responsibility - from the materials we use -  to the process of their ultimate disposal. 

Every purchase made is sent out in Biodegradable packaging. We invest in Noissue and The Ground packaging. 

We are proud to share that we support a business that is TUV, Austria, BPI and Dincerto certified. Additionally they are certified for domestic home compost.

Getting your mail in safe, low-waste packaging not only protects ones health from harmful chemicals but it also aids the planet.

Green packaging is made from recycled waste materials and requires fewer resources to produce. Due to being biodegradable, eco-friendly materials don't take centuries to break down in landfills. Our mailers break down within 90 days in commercial composts and 180 days in domestic compost conditions. And to further tend love to the earth; they obtain soil enhancers that return to the land as plant food. 

Transparency has always played a vital role in our growth as a company; with this being said; we are constantly reflecting on ways in which we can transition and evolve within the sector of sustainability.

Thank you for being here with us on this journey! We love your ongoing support, and hope you’ve enjoyed some of our latest designs! 

“If we surrendered to the earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.” - Rainer Maria Rilke