The Best of Oaxaca: A Cultural Adventure

Ah, sweet Oaxaca, whispered as "vuh-haa-kuh" - a land of vibrant culture and rich heritage, stands apart as one of Mexico's most diverse states. It holds the proud position of being the second-highest producer of grains and agave in the country.

The skilled artisans of Oaxaca are the heartbeat of the land, adored and revered throughout Mexico. Many a unique handicraft with intricate details and vibrant hues have their roots in the quaint villages of the Oaxaca Valley.

Our beloved muse, Maya Poon, was the subject of our recent Spring Summer story. We met her last year in Ibiza and instantly fell in love with her. She currently serves as the creative director for De ELLA Mezcal, which is crafted using a single Oaxacan ingredient: Agave. It's home Casa De ELLA, a unique casa using only Oaxacan natural materials is a transforming labyrinth that holds a secret bodega full of hand crafted mezcal. 

As we were capturing the moment, we came to the realization that our collection was in perfect sync with the town's soul. Feeling the vibes of Oaxaca, we asked our lovely muse Maya to curate a one-day guide to the most magical spots in town. So, come along and explore with us! We hope you relish our visual tale of the Spring/Summer 23 Collection.

Discovering Oaxaca with Maya Poon

7am : Sun salutation — Buenos dias sol

8am : Start your day with a cacao at Rito Chocolate
Then across at Mercado Sanchez Pascuas for fresh seasonal fruits and fresh flowers

9am : Ricotta and rosemary roll at Pan Con Madre made with local flour :)

10am : Reading, exploring, discovering — at the library of photography of Manuel Alvaro Bravo

1pm : Snack and lunch at Ancestral Cocina Traditional
Must have is the volcanic stone soup cooked with real volcanic rocks and fish

3pm : Walk to the children library across — designed by Juan Jose Garcia — beautiful garden surrounded by mango trees

4pm : Siesta

6pm : Wake up, sunset mezcal ceremony at Casa De Ella

8pm : Dinner at Levadura de Olla — classic and casual — young female indigenous chef — tomato salad and tamale with mole!

10pm : Chocolate crepe flambé with mezcal at El Escapulario

More great places to visit in Oaxaca:

- Memelas at La Cosecha
- Oaxacan Japanese set menu at Crudo
- Mole at El Escapulario
- All the art libraries
- Sunset drinks at Casa Antonieta
- Bar at Son de Aqui
- Mariscos (clam pâté) at Humar
- Cumbia and mezcal at Cantina Fama

Best Day Trips from Oaxaca:

- Santa Catarina de Minas - Mezcal distilled in clay
- San Marcos Tlapazola - Red Clay village
- Fabrica de Papel by Toledo - papers without trees